Business Notebook: A successful year of teaching music

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:00

WARWICK-When Bernie Colletti began teaching music on his Baby Grand piano last year, he had no idea how successful he would be. But his first year teaching at Robin Brae Keyboards Studio, 4 Robin Brae, just off Route 94, has met far more than his expectations. His practice grew well beyond traditional first year projections. “If there’s a choice between a good musician who teaches music for extra income and a good teacher who teaches because he loves to teach,” said Colletti, “both adults and children would be better served with a good teacher.” Colletti, who moved to Warwick three years ago with his wife Mary, has an impressive resume that includes teaching music in the South Bronx to gifted and talented children. He had also been featured in the Westchester Spotlight magazine as an outstanding teacher of piano and English. Today, Colletti’s students range from children to adults. And the later group ranges from people returning to music to retirees who can’t read a single note. Colletti offers a free, no obligation, one-hour consultation. And he says that many of his clients, over 70 per cent, turn to Robin Brae Keyboards Studio after frustrated efforts elsewhere. There are no written contracts and making any decision after this first meeting is strongly discouraged. It may not be good salesmanship, but Colletti actually tells his prospective students to go home and think it over. Currently, Colletti is most excited about his 2006 unveiling of the second phase of his practice. In addition to his Baby Grand piano, he recently installed a unique state-of-the-art computerized music environment consisting of two computers, three screens and a dozen speakers. The system employs over 40 software programs designed as a teaching aid that can be geared to different age groups or levels of experience or interest. Although the new equipment, which is an option for students, does not replace the Studio’s piano, which is the main teaching instrument, it does offer new avenues for learning and understanding music. Someone playing on the keyboard, for example, can record their notes and the computer can play them back. A student can learn to compose music this way or even make his or her own arrangements with multiple instrument voices. “It’s practically limitless,” said Colletti. To celebrate the first year anniversary, Robin Brae Keyboards Studio is offering two free lessons in 2006 at the completion of a single season’s work. For additional information call 986-5274 or 986-5224. Aqua purity We can’t live without it but most residential and commercial users know that water has its problems. Stan Gorski, who lives in Warwick with his wife, Rosanne and their three children, ages 12 to 20, is an expert on this subject. He’s been in the water purification business for over five years and earlier this year he opened Aqua Purity Plus, a water testing and treatment business at 18 Main St., Warwick. “We’ve lived in Warwick for 18 years,” said Gorski, “I knew there was a need for water purification systems in this community.” Aqua Purity Plus, L.L.C, is a provider of bottle-less pure drinking water systems for business and homes, as well as, total whole house water treatment. The company is a direct distributor for Oasis and Cosmetal brand point of use water coolers. “We can provide years of safe, delicious, continuous water at the lowest prices possible,” said Gorski. In addition, he explained that the company’s complete line of Mac Clean water softening products can handle residential water needs for an entire home. Gorski offers a free water test and all products are certified by the Water Quality Association and the National Sanitation Foundation. There are residential applications of all the company’s products but one particular line may be of particular interest to business owners. The Aqua Purity Plus bottleless office water cooler, manufactured by Cosmetal Water Coolers, eliminates the need for changing water bottles. Its three-stage filter, ultraviolet light and reverse osmosis purification process, said Gorski, is a cleaner, safer and healthier alternative to bottles. Gorski also represents several other manufactures and for those who enjoy bottled water, there are residential systems that can provide equally pure and cool water at a fraction of the cost. Home self water testing kits are also available. For additional information call 986-2074. Home for the Holidays Jingle bells. Believe it or not, Warwick merchants are already gearing up for the annual “Home for the Holidays,” Christmas shopping season. The kick-off festivities are scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 20. All residents are encouraged to support local businesses. More to follow.