Bear with us' to be transition slogan

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    Warwick-Twenty first century technology is on the way to the area public libraries. The Albert Wisner Public Library will be changing to a new library computer software system on Sept. 3.. This change over or migration, will encompass all of the libraries in the Ramapo Catskill Library System and The Albert Wisner Public Library is one of the member libraries. Library staff has been training for several weeks to prepare for the switch-over, and on Thursday, Sept. 2, the Wisner Library will be closed for the day to enable staff to make the smoothest transition. This migration is necessary to upgrade to new software named Horizon as the old software, Dynix, is being phased out and support will no longer be provided by the manufacturer. "Upgrading of software is common in our computerized world and is a step that RCLS is taking to provide better service to our patrons," said Wisner Librarian Rosemary Cooper. "The library uses the software system for our catalog, check in and check out transactions, patron records, and to place holds on materials requested from member libraries." Most of these changes will be experienced by the staff only. The look and feel of the public catalog will remain almost the same. Bibliographies now stored in patrons' accounts will disappear. Cooper said patrons should be sure to print them or email them to themselves by Aug. 27th. As with any major system change there will be some gaps in service on the days before and just following Sept. 3rd. During the week of Aug. 30 through Sept. 6th, check-out is the only service the library can provide. No library books will be due that week and patrons will not be able to place or receive Holds. No library cards can be issued during that week. The library suggests that patrons limit their use of the library during this week, but reminds everyone that they will remain open except for Thursday, Sept. 2, for the "Go-live" migration to allow for staff training on the new software. Cooper said all library services should be back in place on or before Sept 7 but the public is asked to be patient with the library staff as they become more comfortable and confident with the new system over the next few weeks. With the new system it will be absolutely necessary for a library card to be used for all transactions at the library, over the Internet and on the telephone. Patrons should be sure to ask about the library's new convenient "Key Ring" cards.