Back to School Blues? Not for Me!

| 06 Sep 2017 | 04:01

    By Ava Levin & Ryan Vanfleet
    Growing up, I’ve always heard the term, “back-to-school blues” around the time summer ends. I’ve never caught a case of these blues, because I don’t feel a sense of sorrow heading back through those school doors. Rather, I feel a spike of excitement facing the upcoming new year. I look forward to the chance to reunite with old friends, the chance to start anew with studies and cracking open a new set of books and the feeling of cooler breezes on your face and feet as the seasons change.
    The end of summer seems to stress out others around me, but I like having a plan for the day. Sometimes I get lost in the seemingly endless summer days, so I look forward to the routine that the school day offers.
    This year I'm aiming to be up early enough every morning to see the sunrise before catching the bus. And I'm hoping to find time to help my fellow classmates with their studies, as I have in previous years.
    Some advice for incoming 7th graders: Work on keeping your grades up! I’ve found a great way to do this is by starting homework immediately after getting home, before getting distracted.
    This year I decided to take more challenging classes and even signed up for a new sport, after playing lacrosse (which I highly recommend) for the last three years. Things like these not only help the time pass, but keep you on track for success. So, for those with a case of the “back to school blues” I hope my views have changed your outlook for this year!