A loyal customer

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:54

    To the editor: Yesterday, we may have called you Frank Petrucci and Country Chevrolet. Today, we call you a sincere friend. In the spirit of your father - God bless him - we can see that the Petrucci family and Country Chevrolet family have hearts of gold! We called you at the last minute and was hoping that your business could accommodate us for a last minute check of our vehicle and a repair at a reasonable and affordable fashion. We were upset hearing the high cost at other places for the repair that we needed. My husband resigned the fact that we would have no repair or a partial repair in order to keep the cost down. It would have not been the right repair. With the high cost of heating a home, gas prices at the pump and soaring utility bills ... we were hoping for a very fair and reasonable quote for the repair our vehicle needed and some moral support perhaps. We got more than we bargained for at that. Not only did you take the time to listen and care. You promptly got us a price from your qualified service team and stood by it. While others may have started high up for us to reach and stretch our families pocket, Frank Petrucci and Country Chevrolet understood the value of a loyal customer and the true value of friendship. While other said no, we can not help you out today (sorry) and offered us a mere discount. They were unyielding and did not budge until they heard of the very reasonable price that you offered us for the same repair. By then, It was just too late to do business. While others were seeing how much a repair could cost our family, Frank Petrucci and the Country Chevrolet family offered us a warm and welcome YES! We can do the repair for you and gave us a price we could live with! While others would not listen to our needs and saw there was money to be made ... Bill at Country Chevrolet's Service Department took the time to listen and see how he could help a friend and customer! We are so very grateful! Thank you so very much for your kindness! Sincerely, Anthony and Lorraine Portelli Warwick