9-11 service held in Warwick

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    Warwick- It was the third anniversary of a day that no one in this generation will ever forget. On Saturday morning, Sept. 11, a small crowd of residents, public officials, representatives of the Warwick Citizens World Trade Center Memorial Committee and others gathered in Veterans Memorial Park. They were there to join members of American Legion Post 214 and the Warwick Police Department in a brief ceremony, organized by the Legion, to honor the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Seven local residents perished on that day and on Oct. 19, 2002, the Warwick Citizens Memorial, which stands in Veterans Memorial Park, was officially dedicated to their courage and sacrifice. American Legion Post 214 Commander Bob Ritzer welcomed the assembly and recalled the events that began what he described as "a war of terrorism against humanity and our homeland." Mayor Michael Newhard spoke about his own memories of that tragic day three years ago. "Not long after the Trade Towers went down," he recalled, "I received a call from my friend Miri to tell me that her mother was at work in Tower No. 2. Miri's mom, Sophie, worked for Morgan Stanley." Throughout the day, everyone feared the worst but in the evening, they learned that Sophie had been rescued. "To be able to reframe Sophie as alive," Newhard said, "was miraculous, a small victory on such an anguishing day, and I thought of a phoenix rising from the ashes. As a country, we are like a phoenix and we are rising from the ashes." As the ceremony continued, a bell was sounded at 8:45 a.m., the time the first aircraft struck the World Trade Center. Dan McFarland lowered the flag and Nick Lesando played taps on his bugle. Ritzer then read the names of those honored on the Warwick Memorial. "This day reminds us that we are a target for anyone who wishes to destroy freedom," said Orange County Legislator Ben Winstanley. The ceremony concluded with a prayer offered by Past Commander John Wolosczczak.