21-year-old from Warwick:

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:52

    Straus Newspapers: How do you feel about teenage drinking? Warwick: It's all good as long as you don't drive, and you're not really stupid about it. SN: Are you happy with the drinking age being 21? Warwick: No way, man, it's so stupid the drinking age is 21 when the age to be considered an adult is 18. If I can vote, join the army and be held responsible for everything I do, I should be allowed to drink. Plus, everyone my age drinks. All having the legal age be 21 does is make it easier for kids to get in trouble. SN: How often do you drink? Warwick:Pretty often right now because it's summer time, like four times a week, but I drink less when school is going on. SN: How much do you drink on an average night of drinking? Warwick: I don't know, like, six or seven, sometimes more, sometimes less. SN: What's you drink of choice? Warwick: Beer, Budweiser, it's the king of all beers, but I drink whatever. SN: Do you know a lot of people who have been caught driving drunk? Warwick: Two or three, that sucks, they got in mad trouble, and could have killed people. They should definitely use better judgment. SN: Have you been trouble for anything alcohol-related? Warwick: I got an under age drinking ticket once. SN: How did that happen? Warwick: Me and three other kids were drinking beer in my room, which is attached to my patio, and the police just showed up, walked into my room, and gave us all under age drinking tickets. I think they came because we were playing the music real loud. SN: Why do you like to drink? Warwick: Sometimes to relax, sometimes to get pumped. It's just a fun thing to do when you straight chillin'. SN: Do you get drunk to the point of throwing up or blacking out very often? Warwick: I only black out when I drink hard liquor, that's why I drink Budweiser. I think as long as I have been drinking, I've blacked out twice. SN: How do you kids your age get alcohol? Warwick: Well, I have friends old enough to buy beer and they have no problem getting it for me, plus I know of kids my age around here who use somebody else's ID, but I don't know anyone with an ID that's totally fake. SN: Have you ever been to a drinking party that broken up by the police? Warwick: Isn't every party a drinking party? And yes, it happens all the time. SN: Can you share a story with me? Warwick: A while ago, I was at this party in my friend's backyard. Everyone was just hanging out drinking, and two cop cars came flying up his driveway. They got out, they were yelling at everyone to line up, and more cars came. They lined everyone up and searched every single kid there; then had us they had us all sit down in one corner of the yard. Then they just made everyone leave.