Area students to receive Sojourner Truth honors

Orange County. The awards aim to motivate students to consider college as a viable and attainable goal.

| 11 Apr 2023 | 11:38

    A total of 735 students in grades 6-12 attending Orange County high schools will receive SUNY Orange 2023 Sojourner Truth Awards.

    The College’s Sojourner Truth Awards Program honors students who have been nominated by school guidance counselors and principals for having demonstrated excellence in areas such as athletics, citizenship, creative arts, diversity, English language arts, foreign languages, perseverance/effort, sciences, and technology. The program aims to promote education in a positive manner and to motivate students to consider college as a viable and attainable goal.

    Sojourner Truth, for whom the program is named, lived in the mid-Hudson Valley after escaping from slavery. She is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly regarded women of the 19th Century. She is often cited as one of the most effective and powerful speech-makers of her time.

    To learn more about this program, visit SUNY Orange’s Sojourner Truth website at or call the Office of Student Services at 845-341-4000.

    2023 Sojourner Truth Award Winners

    Chester Academy High School: Joshua Akagbo, Perseverance/Effort; Brandon Bialorucki, Sciences; Trinity Delgado, Mathematics; Alia Mahmood-ul-haq, Diversity; Alison McGovern, Technology; Raquel Ojas-Brown, Technology; Lauren Panebianco, Perseverance/Effort; Evangelynn Perez, Creative Arts; Joella Podolsky, English Language Arts; Kelis Rodriguez, Citizenship; Cody Rossmann, Perseverance/Effort; Gregory Smith, Citizenship; Allison Teshome, Perseverance/Effort; Akil Williams, Athletics.

    Chester Academy Middle School: Porter Belding, Perseverance/Effort; Chloe Fana, Athletics; Reggie Go, Athletics; Kenneth Green, Perseverance/Effort; Oluomachi Nwakanma, Perseverance/Effort; Sara Taalabi, Diversity.

    Goshen High School: Angel Antunez Juana,Perseverance/Effort; Fernando Hidalgo, Creative Arts; Abigail Karpeh, Perseverance/Effort; Kaydian Kerr, Technology; Oakkar Kyaw, Perseverance/Effort; Maria Malaver Gonzalez, Citizenship; Destiny Pierre, Perseverance/Effort; Jonathan Tetzlaff, Athletics.

    C.J. Hooker Middle School: Zaira Augustin, Diversity; Scarlett Brito, Citizenship; Aniyah Brown, Perseverance/Effort; Tehran Carter, Mathematics; Matthew Castillo Valencia, Mathematics; Giselle Charles, Creative Arts; Jaiden Charles, Sciences; Za’Nya Collins, Citizenship; Jeremy Cruz Daza, Foreign Languages; Sofia DiLapi, Perseverance/Effort; Charles Dones, Perseverance/Effort; Emma Fernandez, Perseverance/Effort; Anuoluwapo (Anu) Folami, Perseverance/Effort; Sahar Harchaoui, Perseverance/Effort; Madison (Greyson) Hunter, Citizenship; Diego Luna Bazen, Citizenship; Joanna Luna Mendez, Sciences; Josue Marcelin, Jr., Sciences; Nicolas Martin, Perseverance/Effort; Derek Martinez, Perseverance/Effort; Rodrigo Martinez Contreras, Perseverance/Effort; Yuliana Mena, Perseverance/Effort; Gabriel Miller, Citizenship; Brooke Monroe, Perseverance/Effort; Josue Nurse, Perseverance/Effort; Maiya Nurse, Perseverance/Effort; Aja Patel, Sciences; Nishi Patel, Mathematics; Massimo Rivera, Perseverance/Effort; Leilani Romulo, English Language Arts; Rhyley Ruffy, Perseverance/Effort; Leah Santiago, Perseverance/Effort; Hailey Solano, Perseverance/Effort; Isabella Thaxton, Sciences; Hayden West, Sciences; Isabella Williams, Mathematics; Isaiah Williams, Perseverance/Effort.

    Greenwood Lake Middle School: Ava Castro, Perseverance/Effort; L. Rivera, Diversity.

    Monroe-Woodbury High School: Yamira* Andino Leon, Perseverance/Effort; Neilah Anglade, Perseverance/Effort; Jayden Augustin, Diversity; Aaron Bernard, Diversity; Yaheli Cruz, Perseverance/Effort; Nasir Dawson, Diversity; Jasmine Fernandez, English Language Arts; Kayla Hameed, Diversity; Paulina Herrera, English Language Arts; Grayson Joesph, Creative Arts; Kimora Liburd, Diversity; Gianna Mejia, English Language Arts; Janae Morrison, Diversity; Gabrielle Paulino, English Language Arts; Angelina Romero Martinez, English Language Arts; David Rouchon, English Language Arts; Sofia Salazar, Citizenship; Hana Sandoval, Diversity; Carissah Smith, English Language Arts; Ahriya Stephane, Perseverance/Effort; Malekhi Wilson, English Language Arts; Dominick Wolf, Perseverance/Effort.

    Monroe-Woodbury Middle School: Marelyn Agustin, Citizenship; Valentina Alvarez Sarrazola, Perseverance/Effort; Joel Borja, English Language Arts; Valery Canales Medrano, Mathematics; Gabriela Carchipulla, Citizenship; Kimberly Carino Lopez, Perseverance/Effort; Bryce Chambers, Sciences; Ezequiel Flores, Perseverance/Effort; Arielle Francis, Perseverance/Effort; Galilea Fuentes Ramirez, Sciences; Kally Hernandez, Perseverance/Effort; Fernanda Hernandez Martinez, English Language Arts; Angel Herrera Villegas, Perseverance/Effort; Justin Pena, Perseverance/Effort; Claudel Pierre-Paul, Citizenship; Andrea Pino Carvajal, Perseverance/Effort; Royhaan Qozim-Owolabi, Mathematics; Afique Rahman, Mathematics; Christine Ribeiro, English Language Arts; Hailey Rivas Seguencia, Perseverance/Effort; Maynor Sanchez, Perseverance/Effort; Isabel Soperanez, Sciences; Elijah Sosa, Mathematics; Ava Teaman, Mathematics; Sheikh Uddin, English Language Arts; Avril Urrea Martinez, Perseverance/Effort.

    Port Jervis High School: Joshua Bergen, Citizenship; Skyianna Blue, Perseverance/Effort; William Dean, English Language Arts; Noemie Florant, Technology; Coral Garcia, Perseverance/Effort; Michelle Gimena, English Language Arts; Iceiz Hughes, Perseverance/Effort; Guiyu Jiang, English Language Arts; Penny Jones, English Language Arts; Paris Khan, Perseverance/Effort; Meghan Lauture, Foreign Languages; Elijah Majors, Athletics; Delaina Mom, Perseverance/Effort; Yacine Niasse, Foreign Languages; Francesca Pampalone, Perseverance/Effort; Janiyah Payne, Creative Arts; Maria Perez, Citizenship; Gianna Rodriguez, Diversity; Jessica Sang, Perseverance/Effort; Ciara Smith, Perseverance/Effort; Anny Velasquez Hernandez, Perseverance/Effort.

    Warwick Valley High School: Kierian Gillian, Perseverance/Effort; Nathanael Gourdet, Athletics; Jayme Hallik, Creative Arts; Jayden Robinson, Athletics; Andrea Scott, Creative Arts.

    Warwick Valley Middle School: Aaron Hernandez Espinoza, Perseverance/Effort.