Confirmation at Holy Rosary Church

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:44

Bishop Gerald T. Walsh, together with Rev. Robert J. Sweeney, pastor of Holy Rosary Church, officiated the ceremony of Confirmation on June 3 for 22 young men and women who received the sacrament. The newly confirmed prepared for the sacrament under the direction of their catechists Jona Bell and Vince Carney. Pictured are, beginning in the first row: Altar server Gabriella Calandra, Jillian Korkosz, Anthony Chimento, Jaime Morales, Bianca LiBassi, Amanda Torres and altar server Michaela Calandra; second row: Alex Heneghan, Tatum VanDoran, Deirdre Hallinan, Caitlyn Casey and Nick Saeli; third row Altar servers Eddie Anderson, Joseph Tobin and Patrick Brady as well as Kaylah Pinkney, Alicia Grimes, Stephanie Murphy and Philip Ferrara; fourth row: Rachel Sebastian, Isabella Zaccardi, Julianna Montez and Sheryl Martin; fifth row: John Sorrentino, Chris Bermudez, Ed Hartigan and Michael Finn; and back row: Rev. Robert J. Sweeney and Most Reverend Gerald T. Walsh.