Bishop confirms local Youth

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    WARWICK-Bishop Richard Grein of the Episcopal Diocese of New York celebrated the confirmation of eight young people and reception into the faith of 10 adults at Christ Church in Warwick on Sunday, May 22. Grein led worship in Christ Church's historic sanctuary, assisted by the Rev. J. Scott Barker, rector of Christ Church; the Rev. Jacques Girard of New York; and the Rev. Fredric Drobin of Greenwood Lake. Prior to confirmation, the young candidates had completed two years of study and had a chance to meet with Grein privately for open discussion on spiritual questions and concerns. "Our youth were especially impressed with Bishop Grein's honesty and evident faith in the time they got to spend with him," said Barker. In his sermon, Grein spoke of the spiritual influences of philosophical thought throughout time, citing Lao-Tze, Pythagorus, Zoroaster, and Siddhartha among others, as important voices in humanity's discourse on the purpose of life. The bishop drew a distinction between philosophical thought and a requirement to act, which, he explained, is the hallmark of Christian faith. "God is in doing things - taking action," he said. He encouraged the young confirmands to always move toward right action, understanding that Christian faith is not about thought only but also deeds. The bishop then led the prayers and pledges of confirmation as he blessed and confirmed the following young people, who were accompanied to the altar by their parents: Kimberley Anderson, Erica Bautz, Salvatore Corrado, Tierney Crone, Alexander Henry, James Opper, Kenneth Sushko and Alex Tsouristakis. The following adults were received into the Episcopal Church: Edda and William Agosto, Marina Alario, Elizabeth Brohm, Eileen and William Janovsky, Julie and Matthew Mumford, Kristin Nevins and Sophia Whitney. Grein, visiting clergy and confirmands were hosted at a reception following the ceremony at the church parish house. "It was an extraordinary privilege to have Bishop Grein as our guest at Christ Church," Barker said. "Our people loved his accessibility, charm, and candor, and his enthusiasm for preaching the Gospel in a direct and delightful way."