Twenty-five children born during June at St. Anthony Community Hospital

| 10 Jul 2017 | 07:44

— The following children were born at St. Anthony Community Hospital during late May and June 2017:
May• Montelione, a boy, Kai Dib, born May 16 to Souzi and Frankie Montelione.
June• Williamson, a girl, Harper Joan, born June 2 to Kristen and Thomas Williamson.
• Gehrlein, a girl, Layna Georgia, born June 3 to Diandra and Christopher Gehrlein.
• Smith, a girl, Mia Ray, born June 4 to Brittany and Christopher Smith.
• McGill, a boy, Henri Hensi Lucien, born June 4 to Tracy and Neil McGill.
• Healing, a boy, William James, born June 5 to Nicole Manzare and Shawn Healing.
• MacClugage, a girl, Rowan Margaret, born June 5 to Shannon and Travis MacClugage.
• VanGrol, a boy, Gabriel Truman, born June 6 to Amber and Kyle VanGrol.
• Nicolette, a girl, Stenna, born June 7 to Nicole and Marc Nicolette.
• Ruiz, a boy, John Francis, born June 8 to Francesca and John Ruiz Jr.
• Costanza, a boy, Andrew Giovanni, born June 9 to Josephine and Anthony Costanza.
D’Agnese, a boy, Mark Alan, born June 10 to Maria and Christopher D’Agnese
• Santiago, a girl, Lillian Grace Butler, born on June 11 to Celisha Santiago
• Angevine, a girl, Alana Rose, born June 12 to Angela and Alan Angevine.
• Serrano, a boy, Elijah Thomas, born June 12 to Greta and David Serrano.
• Hernandez, a girl, Raven Cecelia, born June 14 to Jessica and Jenaro Hernandez.
• Halcomb, a girl, Reagan Anastasia-Lynn, born June 14 to Eileen and Clennie Halcomb.
• Eckman, a boy, Caiden Leo, born June 15 to Barbara Rybacki and Andrew Eckman.
• Reed, a girl, Parker Grace, born June 15 to Jennifer and John Reed.
• Arroyo, a girl, Elianna Antonia, born June 20 to Sarah and William Arroyo.
• Monoz, a girl, Ariana, born June 21 to Leidy Escobar and Robinson Monoz.
• Fiore, a boy, Giovanni, born June 22 to Pasqua and John Fiore.
• Getz, a boy, Jayden Davis Moreira, born June 24 to Natali and Daniel Getz.
• Casella, a boy, Owen Thomas, born June 26 to Deanna and Thomas Casella.
• Jackson, a boy, Jeremilh Prince, born June 27 to Deanna Gilyard and Jeffrey Jackson.
• VanDerMolen, a girl, Willa Jeanne, born June 27 to Hillary and Eric VanDerMolen.