Yoga and mindfulness training for work with neurodiverse children

The two-day training begins May 15.

| 10 May 2022 | 09:32

    MONTVALE, N.J. — Zensational Kids is collaborating with Yoga International to present a two-day live training entitled Yoga and Mindfulness for Neurodiverse Children. The live training will take place in two online sessions on Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14, 2022. The training will be led by Zensational Kids founder and CEO, Allison Morgan, MA, OTR, E-RYT.

    “I couldn’t be happier, collaborating with Yoga International for such a unique training on such an important topic,” said Ms. Morgan. “Often, children with diagnoses such as autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder struggle to connect to the active world around them whether it be within their own home, school or community. Well-meaning professionals and caregivers work tirelessly to help them ‘fit in,’ by communicating and connecting with others in ‘neurotypical’ ways. The approach I have been teaching draws upon the inner beauty and natural gifts that these children bring. Rather than focusing on the atypical behaviors which are often considered to be maladaptive, hyperactive, withdrawn or disruptive, we bring light and awareness to their true potential. That’s why I hope people will join me for this training, to discover ways we might help unlock a multitude of gifts and share techniques and tools with them that they can apply to build inner safety, control, confidence, and joy.”

    Yoga and Mindfulness for Neurodiverse Children, presented in participation with Little Flower Yoga, will focus on yoga and mindfulness practices that can be used to support neurodiverse children. The training is open to anyone who works with children – parents, caregivers, etc. – although the content has been designed primarily for yoga and mindfulness instructors, special education teachers, and clinicians. Participants can expect to learn engaging and interactive yoga and mindfulness activities. that are not only fun but have deep transformative power. Over the two-day course, participants will:

    Explore sharing guidelines for yoga and mindfulness with children who may be non-verbal, have delayed motor skills, and have difficulty focusing.

    Learn how to encourage body awareness, self-regulation, and inner behavioral control.

    Understand how to appropriately choose activities to support sensory and motor development.

    Develop a plan for managing behavior that honors individual nervous system needs.

    Invite natural skill development and connection to self by integrating adapted breath, movement, mindfulness, and relaxation.

    Delve into neuroscience and developmental research along with best practices for working with this special population.

    The training will be divided into two three-hour sessions. Session 1 will begin at 12:00 pm on Friday, May 13, and Session 2 at noon on Saturday, May 14. The topics for each day are as follows.

    Session 1: May 13, Noon – 3:00 pm

    Attunement, Intention, and Co-regulation: Setting Yourself Up for Success

    Understanding Neurodiversity

    Tools for Balancing the Nervous System

    Session 2: May 14, Noon – 3:00 pm

    Adapting Movement and Mindfulness to Support Sensory Processing

    Building Body Awareness and Integrating Primitive Reflexes

    Techniques for Improving Behavioral and Emotional Regulation

    Register at: Participants who sign up during the pre-registration period – now through Thursday, May 12 – can receive $50.00 off of their registration fee. To contact Allison Morgan directly, please visit, or email her at

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