Yoga amid Himalayan salt, Thai bodywork, crystal mats, Reiki and more at Saltara Healing

Warwick. New in Warwick is Saltara Healing, offering health coaching, bodywork, yoga and other holistic health practices and resources.

| 26 Oct 2022 | 10:14

For cofounders Tara Lauren Schluter and Tara Marie Hoxha, Saltara Healing started with a friendship that originated at a New Jersey yoga studio and a vision of a sanctuary of holistic healing; an antidote to busy, stressful lives. The place they chose was their home – Warwick, New York.

Saltara has a team of yoga and wellness instructors aiming to optimize physical and mental wellness. Their offerings include a yoga class surrounded by ancient Himalayan salt. The Private Healing Suite has a grounding mat filled with crystals. An infrared sauna provides red light therapy.

Saltara Healing also offers massage therapy, Thai yoga bodywork, yoga for trauma and recovery, somatic-based therapy sessions, sound healing, master level Reiki and astrology, health and life coaching, among other services. They aim to assist clients in realizing their potential and, the cofounders said, “create a positive ripple effect in our community and the world.”

Find more information about Saltara classes and services at - and on social media @saltarahealing