Who should get application fee exemptions, Village of Warwick officials ponder

| 23 May 2022 | 08:03

Discussion of exempting certain groups for facility application fees and security deposits was on the table May 16 at the Village of Warwick board meeting. They considered whether fire and police departments should have exemptions, as some private organizations in the past had, such as veterans groups and Boy Scouts.

“In the past, fees have been waived. but it was never a policy. It was never written down,” Mayor Michael Newhard said. “With the new facility application form, it’s sort of an even playing field for everyone.”

Amid the discussion, some board members thought they should remove the fee and keep the deposit or the other way around. Some thought to get rid of both altogether.

Deputy Mayor Barry Cheney suggested the option of waiving the security deposit for government and municipal entities, such as the police department, fire department, ambulance corps, and public schools.

“We’re dealing with a known field of participants and applicants. What concerns us is the unknown at this point and time,” said Cheney.