We the People Warwick announces new community ventures

Warwick. We the People Warwick has several events and activities planned to support community connection and mental health.

| 20 Jul 2022 | 10:34

A poignant and well attended Warwick Story Share in June and other activities have energized We the People Warwick (WTPW), as they plan a second Story Share and more ventures, says Barb Hyde, of WTPW.

The volunteer grassroots organization formed three teams--Education Events, Mental Health Resilience and Youth Engagement--that focus on “fostering dialogue, understanding and common ground in Warwick, ensuring that people feel welcomed, heard, and supported,” said Hyde.

In August, the Mental Health Resilience Team will launch “An Opportunity to Share Your Pandemic Story,” encouraging people to submit stories about their pandemic experience, whether signed or anonymously.

“We hope to find connection and healing through cathartic writing,” said Hyde, noting that details will soon be available.

In September, among their new activities will be the Youth Engagement Team’s Art, Poetry & Essay Exhibition with the theme: “Warwick: A Community of Belonging.” Any high school teens wanting to get started on creating something for this exhibition can use the wethepeoplewarwick.org’s Contact Us page to ask for more information. The Youth Engagement Team will also ask for input from 11-18-year-olds and their parents or guardians via a questionnaire to find out how WTPW can support Warwick youth.

Building on the success of the Education and Events Team’s first Warwick Story Share on June 1, a storytelling workshop will be offered in September in preparation for the second Warwick Story Share, set for Friday, October 14, 7:30-9:30 p.m., at the former Kutz Camp, now owned by the Town of Warwick.

The We the People Warwick small group Dialogue Series, which will meet for two-hour sessions on Monday evenings for four weeks, will begin in early October.

Meanwhile, the Mental Health Resilience Team is organizing a “You Are Not Alone” mental health forum to be held on Thursday evening, November 10, also at the former Kutz Camp.

“We the People Warwick organizers would like to give a big shout out of thanks for all the support we’re receiving from the community,” said Hyde. “We’d also like to thank the members of our teams for their hard work in creating opportunities for connection and community building for Warwick residents.”

To find out more about these activities, WTPW Action Teams or how to work with We the People Warwick, visit wethepeoplework.org and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @wethepeoplewarwick.