Warwick Lions give new life to plastics

Warwick. Warwick Lions Club has been collecting plastic that Trex recycling company uses to make benches and other items; for 500 pounds, the Lions get a bench. They donated one to the former Kutz Camp.

| 20 Jul 2022 | 07:15

For several months the Warwick Lions Club have been busy collecting and recycling plastic. With every 500 pounds of plastic collected, Trex, a recycling company, donates a bench back to the Lions Club. With the opening of the pool at the former Kutz Camp and more need for seating, this was the spot the Lions chose to place their newest bench. Previously donated benches can be found in Lewis Park, Airport Park, Memorial Park, and at the Community Center.


For more information on the Trex recycling program or the Warwick Lions Club, call 986-1681 or visit the Warwick Lions FaceBook page.