Veterans bike blessing and breakfast raised funds for vets helping vets.

The event raised about $1000 and encouraged civilian as well as military service.

Goshen /
| 19 Apr 2022 | 01:39

With a “shout out” to Afghan vets, Orange County American Legion Riders coordinator Chris Holshek spoke to about 60 veterans and others at the First Annual Veterans Blessing of the Bikes and Pancake Breakfast fundraiser on Saturday. They first gathered at Orange County Veterans Cemetery for the blessing.

“Come have breakfast with us and learn more about the resources available to you,” said Holshek. “Those of us who went to Vietnam and Iraq feel your sense of, ‘What did I do this for?’ and ‘Was it worth it?’ The answer is yes, maybe not for that particular mission but in the defense of the cause of freedom.

“We veterans can and have to set the example - if veterans from all walks of national life can set their differences aside and come together in defense of freedom, then so can the rest of us. The proof is how we all now recognize each other for our service to the society we share – military, police, firefighters, first responders, medical and social services, public educators, truckers, postal workers . . .”

About $1,000 was collected for Orange County American Legion’s “Vet-to-Vet” (V2V) fund, Holshek said. The money will mainly be used for direct petty cash assistance to veterans in need and logistical costs, including helping veterans get to appointments.