Sugar Loaf Mountain: Why it matters

Warwick. Jay Westerveld, President of Sugar Loaf Historical Society, will speak at Wisner Library about the historical, ecological and recreational value of Sugar Loaf Mountain

| 26 Dec 2022 | 05:42

Join Jay Westerveld, President of the Sugar Loaf Historical Society, for an exploration of the cultural and natural history of Sugar Loaf Mountain and Hamlet. Speaking at Albert Wisner Library on Jan. 8, he will delve into Sugar Loaf’s history, from its Ice Age shelters to its ecological systems and climbing and hiking routes. Learn about the mountain’s flora and fauna, its mining and bootlegging histories, and its dual watershed resources that include the source of Warwick’s own Wawayanda Creek.

Also learn why all of this matters, and why the Orange County Land Trust is making an effort to save Sugar Loaf Mountain. Register online at or call the Help Desk at 845-986-1047, ext. 3.

Sugar Loaf Mountain: Why It Matters
Sunday, January 8 at 1pm
Albert Wisner Library