Police cameras, fireworks and pets at town board

Warwick. Warwick police will soon be wearing body cameras, the town board decided. Also soon will be the opening of Kutz Camp for community recreation.

| 27 Jun 2022 | 06:47

Body cameras

A new initiative that was months in the making has been put into place, Police Chief John Rader announced at the June 23 Warwick Town Board meeting. After training and obtaining the equipment, Town of Warwick Police Department will be using body cameras while on duty.

“After talking about it for a year now, researching cameras and going out for bids, we got the training done for most of the officers,” said Police Chief John Rader. “We’ll work out the bugs over the next couple of weeks, but there is a camera for every officer and they’ll record all of our interactions with the public.”

“This was an issue raised in the Executive Order 203 discussions that we had and at that time, we didn’t feel we had the resources to move forward,” said Warwick Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton. “After Chief Rader had done some research and we had talked to some experts, it really made sense to us. After discussions, we were committed to fund it.”

Cautions about farm animals and pets during firework season

As announced by Councilman Floyd DeAngelo, the Town of Warwick Board and the Warwick Humane Society want to remind people that during fireworks season and the 4th of July, pet and farm owners should take precautions to keep farm animals and pets in secure places.

Movie shooting and camp opening

Movie production will be wrapping up at Kutz Camp on schedule. As of right now, it should be open on July 15.