Deborah Sweeton receives award for local Revolutionary War research

Warwick. Deborah Sweeton’s investigation of official records from 1727 to 1779 provided details about local patriots.

| 02 Jan 2023 | 02:08

In a ceremony before the Town Board, Warwick’s ‘First Lady’ recently received a plaque from the office of Town Historian. The award recognized her efforts to preserve and deepen knowledge of local founding veterans of the Revolutionary War, particularly General Hathorn’s 4th Orange County Regiment. This six-year research into thousands of primary archival sources, encompassing official records extending from 1727 to 1779, has provided new information and insights into the lives of local patriots, their families and compatriots.

“We owe Deborah Sweeton an enormous debt of gratitude for her outstanding path-breaking scholarship,” said Town Historian Richard Hull said. “Her deep research into a wide range of official documents and personal eye-witness testimonies have given us fresh perspectives on how colonists in our region responded to the unfolding revolution and contributed to it.”