Celebrating a new gazebo and amending old code at Town of Warwick board meeting

Warwick. Pine Island Recreation Committee announced the completion of a new gazebo. The town code for storage tank removal was amended to require compliance with DEC regulations.

| 24 Oct 2022 | 12:37

A public hearing was held on underground storage tanks and complying with New York Department of Environmental Conservation regulations on October 13 at the Town of Warwick board meeting.

A section of the code seemed antiquated to the town board after a question about it was brought to them by the planning board, according to Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton. They also recognized that there was no reference to New York state DEC regulations.

The town code, from the 1980’s, required that when underground storage tanks are removed, they must be transported out of town the same day. However, current DEC regulations allow 90 days, while requiring that the site is left clean, with no spillage, Sweeton said later.

He noted that fuel storage tanks are rarely underground anymore, and they are usually removed by licensed tank removal companies, aware of site requirements. They dispose of tanks, usually containing heating fuel, at a regulated facility. The town code is being amended to require compliance with DEC regulations.

“We just want to make sure that we are in compliance with DEC,” said Sweeton.

In the regular meeting, members of the Pine Island Recreation Committee noted that, in April 2022, the board had discussed building a gazebo. They said that a new gazebo was installed recently at Pine Island Park for $25,000 dollars, using the Parkland Fee Account collected from builders of new structures to support park amenities. However, the committee said they would donate 10,000 dollars for the gazebo and presented the check.

“That was generous, and thank you for running a great program,” Sweeton said to the committee. “It’s one of the only programs we actually run because we contribute to the other three villages, and it’s one of the most popular programs.”

“The new gazebo is a little bit bigger than the last one, a little bit roomier,” said Councilman Russell Kowal. “I think it’s going to last a good long time, and I hope that everyone enjoys it. We appreciate the public contribution.”

The new gazebo is a little bit bigger than the last one, a little bit roomier. I think it’s going to last a good long time. - Councilman Russell Kowal