A flag for Warwick, kennel coming along for shelter dogs

Warwick seventh grader Aidan Harvey designed the flag that was approved. Warwick Valley Humane Society is building a new shelter but still needs fund for it.

| 29 May 2022 | 04:30

A flag designed by a Warwick seventh grader, Aidan Harvey, was adopted as the the Town of Warwick flag by the town council last week. Aidan explained what the colors represent for those who weren’t there when he first showed the council his creation on April 28.

“Burgundy represents the wineries. Green represents the farming community, and the red represents the apples of AppleFest because you can’t have Warwick without AppleFest,” said Aidan.

Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton thanked Aidan for his initiative and said that the board was proud to accept the new flag.

“You saw something. You thought about it and put a lot of effort into designing this. You should be very proud of that,” said Sweeton.

Meanwhile, framing for the new Warwick Valley Humane Society kennel has begun, and several kennels, including two isolation kennels, are on the way, Councilman Floyd DeAngelo said.

“They are still in need of donations to the Capital Campaign Fund to finish the facility,” DeAngelo said.

To donate to the Warwick Humane Society, visit https://wvhumane.org/funds/.