‘A Day in the Life’ program hosts second session

Warwick. Three more residents detail how - and why - they do what they do.

| 28 Mar 2023 | 08:50

Following the successful debut in November, a second session of the “A Day in the Life” program was presented earlier this month by We the People Warwick at the Albert Wisner Public Library in Warwick.

It focused on three more Warwick residents – certified athletic trainer Nick Clark, specialty chef/caterer Anbu Vasuvedan, and guitar maker David Schiff. Each shared captivating life stories of how they wound up here with some unique skills and capabilities that have become wonderful resources for Warwick. They went into detail about what they do, why they do it their way, and why it works for them and for their “customers” – whether those customers are paying or not.

“We got three fascinating peeks into three amazing windows and we got to know three more wonderfully talented members of the community,” one post-program evaluation said.

“I like that comment because it sheds light on our mission of bringing people together, of strengthening the community of Warwick through connection,” said Beverly Braxton, founder and leader of We the People Warwick. She added that other upcoming programs such as the “You Are Not Alone” mental health forum, the Spring Dialogue and the very popular Warwick Story share a similar focus.

We the People Warwick is a grassroots organization formed in early 2021 with the goal of addressing and improving the civic health of our community. For more information about the organization or upcoming programs, log onto wethepeoplewarwick.org.