Warwick voted no on women's suffrage

| 26 Sep 2017 | 04:37

— This year, 2017, marks the centennial of Women’s Suffrage in New York State, and in 2020 the nation will celebrate 100 years of the 19th Amendment.
The history of the women's suffrage movement in the state and nation spanned 70 years, from the 1848 meeting convened by Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Seneca Falls to the tactics wielded by Alice Paul, and includes overlooked stories and actors such as the African-American suffragists.
The Warwick Historical Society will be offering a variety of programs in October to provide a window into this chapter of American social progress and a springboard into ongoing discussions of women's — and by extension, our society's — past, present and future.
Oct. 7-9 'Warwick Voted No'On Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 7 and 8 from 2 to 4 p.m. as part of the New York State Paths Through History program, the Historical Society will present "Warwick Voted NO!" an exhibition celebrating the centennial.
While New York State voted Yes for suffrage, Warwick voted no.
Learn the reasons why.
The exhibit features period suffragette clothing and an exhibit on Warwick native Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck, an early feminist and leader in the dress reform movement, demonstrating the "binding " of women both physically, with their dress and socially, by the law. The exhibit will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. through Nov. 10.
Oct. 10: 'Sex Wars'The society will be hosting a reading and discussion program beginning Tuesday, Oct. 10. The novel "Sex Wars," by Marge Piercy takes place in the last decades of the 19th century, as men and women from myriad walks of life struggle with the newfound prominence of women in society.
Publisher's Weekly describes the book as a "rich novel set in post–Civil War New York stars a true-life cast of characters that includes Victoria Woodhull, the spiritualist turned first woman to run for the U.S. presidency; passionate suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton; the aged Cornelius Vanderbilt, who sits atop a $100 million fortune as he tries to make contact with his dead son; and Anthony Comstock, a crusading moralist who dedicates his life to outlawing pornography and "obscene objects made of rubber."
As they each vie for different kinds of sex-based power, the consequences of their actions echo from the halls of Congress to Manhattan's back alleys.
A limited number of books will be available through the society. You can also purchase the books at Ye Olde Warwick Book Shop. Mention the society to receive a 15 percent discount on the book. Call 845-986-3236 ext. 106 to for more information and to reserve your space.
Oct. 12: 'Women EnPower'On Thursday, Oct. 12, at 6:30 p.m., the society will host "Women EnPower," a moderated panel of women from around the Hudson Valley who hold key leadership positions.
The panel, moderated by Katie Krahulik, will address key issues facing women in leadership roles and how women can empower each other to succeed.
Call the Warwick Historical Society at 845 986-3236 ext. 106 or check the website, www.whsny.org for information on any of the above events.