Warwick. E’lissa Jones performs with son and daughter at Burt Farms Apartments

| 08 Sep 2020 | 01:47

It was a welcome treat for the residents of Burt Farms Apartments on Forester Avenue in the Village of Warwick.

On Sunday, Aug. 23, the well-known singer, songwriter, violinist, pianist and guitarist E’lissa Jones appeared with her talented children, Timothy and Mika Leonard, to perform on violin, bass and cello for the senior residents,

The event was held in the affordable housing complex gazebo and everyone was required to practice six foot social distancing, wear a mask when walking around the property and not get nearer than 12 feet from the musicians or the gazebo.

“They were wonderful,” said Burt Farms Community Manager Ginny Rogers, “They played for more than 45 minutes and actually thanked me for letting them play. E’lissa has such a gift and just loves to share it with others. She is a very special lady.”

- Roger Gavan