This is 'what Christmas is all about'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:45

MONROE — More than 150 people from area group homes were treated to a holiday party at the American Legion Post 488 last Sunday. The party featured a full turkey dinner donated and prepared by Tom Jones, owner of Birchwood Caterers in Monroe. Participating in the planning and execution of the party were members of American Legion Post 488, the Sons of American Legion Post 488 and the Post 488 Ladies Auxiliary. Gifts were donated by the Special Children’s Fund and Joe Shanahan, who played Santa for the afternoon. “You see them coming in, but when you see them going out with their little trinkets and see the expression on their faces, it’s just priceless,” said American Legion Post 488 First Vice Commander Martin Currid. “That’s what Christmas is all about.”