There’s a new kid on the block

Warwick. Young Warwick actress joins cast of Sesame Street.

| 12 Nov 2019 | 08:11

Violet Tinnirello, 10, the daughter of Warwick residents Doug and Annie Tinnirello, has been on the road to stardom, singing, dancing and acting on stage and screen as well as appearing in TV commercials since she was three years old.

Last year at this time she was invited to perform on the Sesame Street float during the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

This year happens to be the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street, the first and most successful children’s television program of its kind, featuring the popular Jim Henson's Muppets, animation, live shorts, humor and celebrity appearances.

And Violet Tinnirello will now be the new kid on the street.

Tinnirello will play eight year-old Charlotte, better known to her friends as Charlie.

Charlie has moved to Sesame Street after her parents decided to retire from the military. According to Sesame Workshop, “Charlie is outgoing and eager to make new friends; she can’t wait to meet all the birds, monsters, letters, numbers, animals, and people Sesame Street has to offer. In her debut episode, Elmo and Rosita welcome her to the block, introducing her to Big Bird, Snuffy, and the rest of the gang. She soon realizes that she’s on a street like no other! Charlie joins in lots of adventures throughout her debut season – inventing a new game, catching a fireworks show, and even going on a treasure hunt through Sesame Street’s history.”

Tinnirello will appear in six episodes throughout season 50. Her debut episode No. 5013, will air Feb. 8.

- Roger Gavan