The Warwick Valley Community hosts event

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:12

    WARWICK-On Friday, May 21st at 6:30 p.m., the Warwick Valley Community Center at the Doc Fry Building will host a rare and exciting event: the WVCC's first evening dedicated to Experimental Music. This is a free event sponsored by the Warwick Valley Community Center's Teen Center. A bill of six local groups, put together by HvEXAS (The Hudson Valley Experimental Arts Society) and Avant-Bored (a headstrong Warwick based duo dedicated to fierce promotion of experimental music) will perform. The evening's line-up is: Lunch With Beardo: A group of talent-less rule-breakers that like to make noise while they have uncivilized picnic lunches on stage. "Talent-less" refers to how they may attempt to, but don't, play any songs. The name of their band is a moderately amusing joke made at the expense of their former friend, Beardo. Evan Leed: Sometimes a member of Lunch With Beardo, but always a good time. Evan Leed delivers an intriguing, dark, feedback riddled and disturbingly introspective solo performance. Poponono: Toys, keyboards, throat-singing and funny hats unite in this delightful and cacophonic stimulation over-load. Nuclear Power Pants: A fascinating group on tour with Poponono. Expect a hint of Devo and a large helping of memorable weirdness. June Cleaver and the Steak Knives: A technical and eclectic group, in the vein of Captain Beefheart, with a tendency to create unpredictable rock-driven sound-scapes that lead you in one direction before quickly turning on you at the drop of a hat. In addition to this already amazing lineup, there will also be one surprise special guest! HvEXAS's directors are Timothy Gabriele, Thomas G. Henry and Evan Leed. Here is a brief description taken from their mission statement."Founded in 2003, HvEXAS provides an educational resource for the region's Experimental Art community by encouraging creative exploration, inspiring and facilitating experimental works, and providing diverse means for local creations and expressions to be widely experienced. HvEXAS will provide local artists with the equipment, materials, and support needed to bring their visions to fruition through various means including a digital studio for audio and visual arts. HvEXAS will also host the works and performances it strives to discover and inspire in galleries and showcases. HvEXAS's goal is for all creative and expressive barriers to be broken or assimilated as the art of Hudson Valley becomes its own living entity and a part of our daily lives as we advance our selves, our spirits, and each other." HvEXAS and Avant-Bored encourage anyone interested in experimental music to make it out to the Warwick Valley Community Center at the Doc Fry building on May 21st to support these bands and organizations, and enjoy an evening of unique performances by some great local artists. This is a free event sponsored by the Warwick Valley Community Center's Teen Center. For more information or directions call WVCC at (845)-986-6422 or visit For more information on HvEXAS visit