Students enter national poster contest

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    GOSHEN-For the fourth year in a row, Goshen students participated in the National School Bus Safety Poster Contest, with nearly 100 percent participation in grades K-5. This year's theme was "I see the driver, the driver sees me." The following students were selected winners for the Goshen Central School District: Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School Kindergarten: Abigail Lewis, first place; Madeline Hernandez, second place; Jaclyn Clark, third place. First grade: Brittany Connelly, first place; Carolanne Clark, second place; Justus Schaefer, third place. Second Grade: Jaclyn Ulvila, first place; Arfys Perez, second place; Joseph Hensey, third place. Goshen Intermediate School Third Grade: Julia Siracuse, first place; Kristine Conklin, second place; Hannah Godson, third place. Fourth Grade: Sarah Krasinski, first place; Olivia Mongilia, second place; Katrina Matthews, third place. Fifth Grade: Lauren Branigan, first place; Guadalupe Canete, second place; Cara Vetere, third place. St. John's Elementary School First Grade: Bryana McCartney, first place; Andrew Woloszyn, second place; Hailey Fletcher, third place. Second grade: Lena Episalla, first place; Kathleen Mahoney, second place; Sophia Stevenin, third place. Third grade: Erin O'Connor, first place; Rachel Kosinski, second place; Emma Weiss, third place. Fourth grade: Jill Colella, first place; Amy Colella, second place; Jillian Kelly, third place. Fifth grade: Patricia Zick, first place; Jacqueline Utter, second place; Nicole Episalla, third place. Sixth grade: Natalie VanCuren, first place; Aisling O'Riordan, second place; Ceira Dawson, third place. Seventh grade: Olivia Maffei, first place; Meredith Perri, second