Seward family and accomplishments celebrated on Seward Day

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    FLORIDA-It was really William H. Seward's birthday celebration in the Village of Florida, but the entire Seward family were honored for their contributions to society on all levels - local, county, state, national and even international. The Florida Historical Society held their 14th annual Seward Day Celebration on Saturday, May 14. Seward was actually born on May 16, 1801, in the Village of Florida. After a brief wreath-laying ceremony at the Seward Monument, the activities, led by society president Gary Randall, moved into the S. S. Seward Institute Cafetorium. Orange County Historian Theodore Sly, a frequent guest at these celebrations, was presented with a plaque by the Florida Historical Society in appreciation for his work and support of Orange County history. The Golden Hill fourth-grader's skit traced the highlights of Seward and his family, and featured the many hats that Seward wor in a distinguished political career. They also sang their ever popular "Seward Song." Mark Stewart's seventh-grade students at Seward put together a very informative power-point presentation, also highlighting Seward's life. That was followed by the historical society's Power-Point program with an emphasis on the roles of Samuel S. Seward and William H. Seward in the founding and development of the S. S. Seward Institute. Although it was Samuel Sweezy Seward, the father who founded the Seward Institute in 1848, it was William Henry, the son, who kept it going after his father died a year later. It became a public school in 1892 and continues to thrive. Books were presented to the Seward Library and the Florida Public Library, as well as to Golden Hill Elementary and St. Joseph's Parochial School in Florida. Even the weather cooperated as a good representation of local residents came out to honor their favorite son.