Schooling in poli-sci and law, Milexy heads for immigration advocacy

Superintendent’s Spotlight: Milexy Campos

| 25 May 2022 | 02:08

School did not always come easily to WVHS senior Milexy Campos. As she matured, she wanted to challenge herself with more rigorous courses.

“I worked as hard as I could on my own, but still always felt like I wasn’t able to give 100%” she said. “My sophomore year I had Ms. Beauregard as my teacher. She saw my drive and knew my goals, and pushed me to try an Honors or AP class; to just go for it!”

Last year, Milexy did just that, taking Honors English and US History and achieving 90s in both.

“High 90s,” Milexy points out with a smile. She has achieved Magna Cum Laude Honor Roll status for seven consecutive marking periods, and has taken AP US Government, AP Literature and AP Psychology this year. “I got 90s in each of those classes, too.”

From a very young age, Milexy could not get enough of online history videos. She already loved social studies, and did her own independent research that – along with stories of her parents’ experiences – formed her own political ideas and beliefs.

“I just didn’t know how to speak up until I got into programs like Youth Arts Group – YAG!”

YAG is a leadership program offered by the group Rural & Migrant Ministry. It is a culturally diverse group of teenagers determined to create change in their lives and communities. Milexy co-led the group’s International Committee of Youth, which gave her opportunities to communicate and collaborate with students from Latin America.

“That was a fun experience. I got to meet people from South America, which isn’t something you typically do every day,” Milexy said.

Milexy was also part of the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute (PRHYLI), a collaboration with the NYS Assembly/Senate Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force, in conjunction with the annual SOMOS El Futuro conference, Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages, and other agencies. Her involvement in both PRHYLI and YAG deepened her understanding of, and heightened her interest in, leadership and advocacy, both areas where Milexy can see a future for herself.

“I really want to go into law school and advocate for others in immigration,” Milexy said. “It’s an issue that hits close to home. Also, I love sociology and psychology, and they’re both so deeply intertwined with politics. I guess you could say my interests lie in politics, but I like to think of it more as human rights.”

Milexy is accepted to SUNY Albany for the fall, and will major in political science. She was also accepted into the university’s Honors College, a four-year program designed to allow students to tailor their studies to their interests, beginning with cross-disciplinary courses and moving on to their major’s honors program. The university also awarded her an 1844 Scholarship, given to first-year students who have demonstrated commendable academic achievement and performance.

Milexy exercises her creativity in her free time with photography, painting (she enjoys working in watercolors), and jewelry making. In 2020, she started her own Etsy shop to sell her handmade earrings.

“I like to make earrings, and I’ve seen some beautiful pieces in recent years – especially when I travel to Mexico,” Milexy said. “I wanted to share my handcrafting skills and also part of my culture.” Her earrings are made out of a variety of media including clay, which reflects her Mexican heritage. Take a look at some of her bespoke pieces at

With the excitement for college building and the stress of junior year far behind, Milexy said she’s looking forward to “loosening up” and enjoying the rest of the year.

“Junior year was hard, so I just want to be free-spirited these next couple of weeks,” she said. “I’m excited for prom... and I’m taking my road test tomorrow!”

What advice does Milexy have to offer younger students?

“Keep your head held up high, and keep trying,” said Milexy. “You never know what good will come from trying, in school and life in general. Stay motivated no matter what trials and tribulations come your way. Always think things are going to be fine – always have hope!”