Rock, Jazz, and Mozart

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:47

    CENTRAL VALLEY-The Allegro Orchestras - Baroque Ensemble, Concert Orchestra and Cadenza Strings - are creating something new this month, beginning Sunday, April 17, at Monroe-Woodbury High School. At 7 p.m. all three orchestra will present their third concert this season. Best known for their classical performances, Allegro will open their program with the strong backbeat of a rock band including two electric guitars, electric bass and drum set to the sounds of nearly 100 strings. From rock to jazz, the orchestra will welcome Jon Werking in a debut of his composition "Folk Prayer" for piano and strings. The orchestra is no stranger to accompanying pianists, having appeared annually since 2000 at Steinway Hall in Manhattan. And while they are more accustomed to the piano concerti of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, the new direction of jazz provide rich opportunities for the orchestra and their guest pianist. Rock and jazz represent two new idioms for Allegro's young artists, who have achieved critical acclaim for the CD "Tribute to Community" and many concert performances. "Allegro is very flexible and capable to adapt itself to different styles," said Viktoras Prizgintas who founded and currently directs the three orchestras. "And while rock and jazz offer intriguing challenges, the opportunities creates some exceptional spirit and fire for this creative ensemble. The program's mix of rock and jazz will fit very well into a program which also includes Mozart's 12th Symphony in G Major — one that the very young Mozart wrote at the age of 14. "My goal is to bring some of the same energy and life found in rock and jazz into this symphony," Prizgintas added. "I've no doubt Mozart would approve." Werking, a resident of Warwick, has been one of the most sought after pianists in the New York City area for many years. He has played piano and/or electronic keyboards on many feature films, such as "Gangs of New York," "You've Got Mail" and "Beauty and the Beast." He also has performed with various orchestras, including the New York Pops and the Hartford Symphony as well as in the Buddy Rich Big Band and the orchestras of Broadway shows such as "Fosse," "Aida" and "Mamma Mia." Tickets are available at the door for $10. Joining the three orchestras later this month will be the newly established Training Orchestra. The Training Orchestra will open to all string students in the area who began playing violin, viola, cello and double bass last fall in their schools. The month of May will be completely free with no commitment or contracts to sign. See how this impressive string program can both challenge and offer your child exceptional opportunities. Come hear for yourself this Sunday, April 17 at 7 p.m. at the Monroe-Woodbury High School. For more information, call 928-9711.