Orange County Arts Council to hold open studio tour

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:51

Goshen — The Orange County Arts Council will hold its third annual Open Studio Tour the weekend of Oct. 22 and 23, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Sponsored by M&T Bank, the self-guided tour invites 51 artists in the southern portion of the county to open their doors to the public in order to create a dialogue between artists and other residents, and to bring about a broader knowledge of the arts. Visual artists and performing art studios will offer a rare opportunity for the public to observe artists up close during their creative process, from start to finish. Artists will explain and demonstrate their materials and process. The tour brochure will include descriptions and images of each artist and their studio and map their location. Two thousand maps will be distributed throughout the county in galleries, local lodging, businesses, eateries, art organizations, tourist information centers and on the Orange County Arts Council Web site ( "It is the Arts Council's desire that the Open Studio Tour will open up the world of artists to everyone - from students to the seasoned collector to the first-time art buyer or observer, to the curious general public," the council said in a statement. "We believe that through education, visitors become loyal customers and supporters of art and that this program will grow over the years." Each artist can submit one piece of work, perform a piece, or distribute promotional materials for display at the Open Studio preview reception on Friday, Oct. 21. Visitors can get a glimpse of what is being offered the following weekend. The tour includes venues in Warwick, Florida, Goshen, Sugar Loaf, Chester, Monroe, Highland Mills, Cornwall, Blooming Grove, Newburgh, and Rock Tavern. For more information call Jen D'Andrea at 469-9168. Participating artists This year’s participating artists include: Janet Howard-Fatta Heidi Bilezikian Sarah McHugh Lisa Zukowski Roberta Green Susan Hope Fogel John Kiersten Beatrice Bloom Marilyn Dale Lisa Strazza Steven Kenny Femi Ford Cathe Linton James Antonie Terrie Wynne Adrienne Butvinik Diane Kominick-Ouzoonian Mary Roth Frank Shuback Jessica Pritchard Rachel Bertoni Jonathan Talbot The Lycian Centre Richard Weber Rhoda Mack Mary Altobelli Lori McBride Mark & Samantha Stankiewicz Robert Breur Suzanne Auer Sundial Sisters Meadow Meadow Lynn Isaacson Shannon Kahan Alice Vaughan Judy Sigunick Safe Harbors of the Hudson Orange County Ballet Theatre Stuart Sachs Rachel Weidkam Jamie Taylor Peggy Landrum Clayton Buchanan Linda Rahl Nadas David Nolan Andrew Lattimore Rebecca Darlington Townsend Vivien Abrams Collens Jon Malinowski Joy Gilinsky Monte and Thomas Munterich