Onion Eating Contest will celebrate Black Dirt vegetable abundance

Pine Island. At the upcoming Annual Onion Festival, Orange County Vegetable Growers Association will award $100 to the onion eating champ.

| 19 Aug 2022 | 03:20

The ninth annual Onion Eating contest will return with the Annual Onion Festival on Sunday, September 4, at at the PLAV Pavilion, in Pine Island, sponsored by the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce. The winner will receive $100 from the Orange County Vegetable Growers Association, along with a plaque sponsored by the Orange County Farm Bureau.

The contest celebrate’s Pine Island’s 4000 acres of black dirt. To register, call Alex Kocot at 845-224-7503 or see a chamber officer.

Jimmy Sturr Orchestra will perform starting at 2p.m.

Beyond onions, Polish food will be offered by the Ladies Auxiliary.

Onion Festival: Sunday, September 4, PLAV Pavilion, in Pine Island, NY. Plenty of free parking.