‘One December Night’ debuts Saturday, Nov. 13, on Spectrum channel 86

Goshen. For a short time earlier this fall, the Village of Goshen, its residents and businesses became ‘Pineville,” the setting for the Hallmark movie starring Eloise Mumford, Peter Gallagher, Bruce Campbell and Brett Dalton.

| 10 Nov 2021 | 08:57

The snow has “melted,” the brightly lit Christmas tree at the Everett Memorial has been taken down, Christmas decorations are gone from village stores. Alas, all is back to normal on Main Street.

“Pineville” now is just a pleasant memory.

For the almost two weeks that the Hallmark movie, “One December Night,” was filmed here in Goshen, excitement ran high. It was the topic of many conversations; people were all abuzz wanting to know about it; many residents often found milling about the sets when not checking specifics on their phones.

What is Goshen thinking?

Of course, the first sign that something different was happening in Goshen, was the appearance of Christmas decorations in September at the Harriman fountain and along Main Street. Social media was full of Christmas comments, like decorations already? Aren’t they rushing the season? What is Goshen thinking? What about Halloween and Thanksgiving?

Soon word got out that Hallmark was coming to Goshen to film a Christmas movie.

Goshen welcomed the Hallmark event, even giving up several businesses for movie use, like The Stagecoach Inn and The Computer Guy, and using The First Presbyterian Church for holding extras and filming on the grounds. Principal photography for the movie was concluded on Sept. 27 in Newburgh.

Residents, too, contributed to the success of the filming. “Many Goshen residents were involved —f rom locations, being a part of our background, and to help us get the town decorated for Christmas,” said producer Tony Glazer, adding, “We are so incredibly thankful to the Orange County Film Office, Amanda Dana-Hicks, Steven Neuhaus and Nora Martinez. The mayor of Goshen, the DPW and the Goshen Police Department were also so helpful and played a big role in making our shoot in Goshen an absolute success.”

‘A great hometown feeling’

Goshen Village Mayor Scott Wohl said Hallmark was “great for the Village,” and he especially enjoyed the “fun pictures on social media.”

“I love the opportunity to have movies made here in Goshen. Goshen is so beautiful and we should be able to share it with everyone,” said Roxanne Brand, owner with her husband Kevin of the Goshen Mail Room, located at 22 W. Main Street. “I love Goshen. It has a great hometown feeling. Everyone knows your name. But, this is also a new opportunity for us to get on the map. We have LEGOLAND and now a Hallmark movie filmed here. I absolutely love Goshen.”

“I’m a Hallmark fan, and it’s exciting for Goshen to have this filming here,” said Shioban Foley, with the family-owned business, Goshen Hardware, 44 W. Main Street.

Foley had good words for the crew and personnel connected with the event. “Anyone working for the film production that came into the store was respectful, friendly, down-to-earth. They respected our town and respect speaks volumes of the people who are running this production.”

‘Goshen ... perfectly fits in the Hallmark universe’

“Goshen is a wonderful and picturesque town,” said Glazer. “It perfectly fits in the Hallmark universe. It really was the perfect place for us. Everyone was so incredibly welcoming and helpful. I just can’t say enough about Goshen. We can’t wait to comeback.”

It seems that there’s a good chance that Choice Films will be filming once again in the Hudson Valley.

Yes, but what about that snow?

Now for the answer to the most asked question:

What is the snow made of?

The snow is a fine-ground paper, called C90, that provides for a frost effect outdoors.

It’s a biodegradable substance that, once washed off, is actually beneficial to the soil.

The set also used an Antari snow machine to create falling snow.

It’s finally here
“One December Night” will air for the first time on Saturday evening, Nov. 13, at 10 p.m. on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and then it will be shown again on Sunday, Nov. 14, at 7 p.m. (Both on Spectrum channel 86).