Misnomer Dance Theater arrives at SUNY Orange on Jan. 29

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:20

Middletown — Choreographer and dancer Chris Elam will bring his New York City-based dance company, the Misnomer Dance Theater, to SUNY Orange on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 29. According to the press release announcing the performance, the Misnomer Dance Theater “celebrates the nuances of human communication, including the tenderness, humor and absurdity that characterize day-to-day interactions. The company’s emotional and inventive work transcends the stage.” Dance Magazine has described the company’s works as “beautifully peculiar” with its technique of controlled movement and statue-like posing. Some also have likened the flexibility of Elam’s body as that of a contortionist. Misnomer’s work has been hailed by top critics in New York and its dance piece “Throw People,” which is part of the Jan. 29 program, was named by the New York Times as “one of the top ten dance performances in NYC” for 2006. It earned Misnomer a position as one of “25 to Watch” for 2007 in Dance Magazine. This company of dancers has performed in more than 250 theaters across the country, as well as in Denmark, Holland, France, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Ireland, Ukraine and Cuba.