Locally shot film in Manhattan festival

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:51

    Chester — “Under Jakob’s Ladder,” an independent film shot in Chester, will be shown at the Manhattan Film Festival on Sunday and Monday, July 24 and 25. The story is set in Eastern Europe at the time of the World War II. Based on a true-life story, the main character, Jakob Seel, is caught in the middle of what turns out to be a deadly game of chess. His opponent is the head of the prison with a decades old score to settle. The movie features Chloe Roe in the role of Jakob’s granddaughter, Marta. Chloe’s film grandfather is played by established British actor, Jeff Stewart. Because filming primarily took place in the Chester area, producer Roberto Munoz sought locals to serve as background actors. “We got a great group of people to populate our film’s world,” said Munoz. “We’re glad to get so much community support for the film. Not only the people, but places like Museum Village.” Both July 25 screenings have already sold out. Tickets are $12 and are still on sale for the 7:30 p.m. screening on Sunday, July 24. For more information about the film, or to get tickets, visit www.underjakobsladder.com.