Lainey makes her mark with paint, music, thread and Irish dance

Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Lainey Murphy

| 18 Feb 2022 | 06:31

Sanfordville Elementary School fourth grader Lainey Murphy likes to express her feelings through her art, which takes different forms. Her creative endeavors include painting, sewing, Irish dancing and playing the clarinet and the piano.

“Lainey is a skilled artist with many talents,” said Sanfordville art teacher Leah Mednick. “She is hardworking and focused through every project. Lainey’s drive to create is what makes her such a great artist. She always has great ideas and knows just how to follow through.”

Lainey started out by sketching dogs, her favorite animal. Now she likes to paint portraits with acrylics. Lainey recently completed a self-portrait in oil pastels for a school project. She has also painted portraits of her family, who were her inspiration to get into art.

Lainey’s favorite school project this year was a sculpture of a whale. The sculpture was made from aluminum foil, paper and clay. She painted the whale teal and white.

“I admire the way Lainey uses creative problem solving to persist through any challenges in her art,” Ms. Mednick said. “She finds unique ways to fix problems and turn mistakes into something beautiful. This will help her grow as an artist and an individual.”

Lainey also enjoys music. She started taking piano lessons when she was six and is still taking lessons now. In school, Lainey plays the clarinet in the Sanfordville band and is getting ready for their concert.

“Lainey is soft spoken in class but is always prepared to play her clarinet and is an active participant,” said music teacher Ryan Muehlbauer. “She has a strong tone that helps keep the clarinet section balanced and together. Lainey is diligent with her at home practicing and always comes to rehearsals prepared and ready to play.”

In addition to preparing for the band concert, Lainey is rehearsing for her part in the Sanfordville production of “The Lion King’’. Outside of school, she has been doing Irish dancing with the Seahan-Gormley School of Irish Dance since she was five.

Academically, Lainey’s favorite subject is math because she finds it challenging.