Fiddle Frenzy brings Suzuki to Texas swing training to Irish Fest

Music honed with their eclectic training will be part of the Irish Festival in Greenwood Lake, May 28-29

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| 11 May 2022 | 08:51

Fiddle Frenzy is a performing group made up of students who study in the Folk and Fiddling program at the Blair Academy of Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, and who will be performing at the upcoming Irish Festival in Greenwood Lake on May 28-9, 2022.

The Blair Academy fiddling program, according to the group’s website, “offers a holistic approach in teaching children to play, using the Suzuki philosophy to build solid technique and tone, mixed with Crystal Plohman’s “Fiddle and Song” curriculum to teach traditional fiddle music. It incorporates ear training, singing, harmonies, improvisation, and arranging.

Introductory classical and historical folk styles, including old-time, bluegrass, Irish, Scottish, Texas swing and other world styles, are all taught in this program.”

Beginning students including young men and women, have 30-minute weekly private lessons and small group experience. Second-year students and higher participate in the Fiddle Frenzy performance group, which gives students the opportunity to have fun playing, performing and learning with peers.

Despite being a popular European musical instrument, the fiddle (a more modern version of the violin) was small and easily portable. It accompanied early settlers to America and for many years was the only instrument found on the frontier. According to historical records the fiddle was found among the first settlers in Jamestown in 1607, during the 18th century, Williamsburg, Hanover County, Virginia, and even with the Lewis and Clarke expedition where it often was a critical ingredient to establishing good relationships with native tribes.

Visitors will be able to enjoy Fiddle Frenzy at the upcoming Irish Festival in Greenwood Lake, NY, where many of the country’s top musicians will be performing. Prepare yourself for beer gardens, Irish dance troups, a whiskey tasting pavilion, pipe and drum performances, and special activities and amusements for kids. To learn more about this spectacular new event for the Hudson Valley, click on