Confabulation: The Notion of a Small Town continues this weekend at the Warwick Center for Performing Arts

| 16 Aug 2017 | 06:30

— The Actors Workshop Ensemble continues its production of Confabulation: A Notion of a Small Town this Friday through Sunday, Aug. 18 to 20, at the Warwick Center for Performing Arts, 63 Wheeler Ave in Warwick.
The Village of Warwick is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of the village. Coinciding with the railroad connection to New York City, this is the moment that Warwick changed.
The Warwick Valley transformed from a self-sustaining agricultural community into a commercial agricultural community. With better access to the city, the village began attracting newcomers.
During these 150 years, the entire make-up of Warwick’s citizenry has changed and is changing all the time.
Confabulation is a community performance piece based on the stories of the people who live and work in the Warwick Valley.
More than 100 people contributedSince December the company has been holding story sessions used to gather stories from people in the Warwick Valley. These stories have been transformed into a full length performance piece.
These are not oral histories about Warwick; they are the stories that have been passed from generation to generation and belong to the people.
These stories could be about anything, and may or may not be factual.
More than 100 people have participated and contributed stories.
“The process involves combining stories with others making believable and interesting characters," said writer and director Paul Ellis. "Some stories are retold whole cloth others may have up to ten and twelve stories involved.”
A new venueThrough a series of unpredictable events the Actors Workshop Ensemble has wound up at the Warwick Center for Performing Arts.
“This is a new venue that I didn’t even know was in the works," Ellis said. "We were in need of a space or would have had to close shop and Melissa Came out of nowhere to offer the performance and rehearsal time. The space is great and the offer was so gracious. We are so pleased to be part of a new performance venue for the valley.”
The Actors Workshop Ensemble includes Raymond Aponte, Paige Dillon, Fiona Hill, Isaac Kiernan, Chris Jones, Maylin Morales, MaryLee Shorr, Seth Thompson, Eliana Ulloa, Sarah Wilson.
Confabulation is written and directed by Paul Ellis
Confabulation is made possible with funds from the Orange County Arts Council’s Ten Year Anniversary Grants Program and by the County of Orange and Orange County Tourism.
For information and reservations, call 845-978-1776.