Conductorcise videos seeking participants from Warwick area

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    WARWICK-Wizard Studios, a New York City production Company, has selected Warwick as the site to film three videos of Conductorcise(R) to be marketed nationally and eventually, world wide. There was much discussion as to where these videos would be filmed. Matt Saravay, Executive Producer of Wizard Studios, approached Warwick resident and noted conductor David Dworkin a number of months ago. Initially Saravay wanted filming to be in New York City, Los Angeles or New Orleans. Dworkin responded with "why must we leave Warwick, it has some of the most beautiful countryside in the nation." After scouting the Warwick area, Saravay agreed. Three venues will be chosen n one indoor and two outdoor. One will be shot in October, when foliage is at its peak. Wizard studios is seeking anyone who would like to participate in these films. "We are looking for men and women who are 35 years old and older," said Dworkin. "Many of the best participants I have worked with are seniors" He said they must have energy and a great smile but no musical background is necessary. "It is fun. It is educational and it is healthy. If anyone feels they know of a particularly beautiful site in the Warwick area, please make that known as well. It must be away from traffic." What caught the attention of this NYC Production Company was not only the web site but a review of Conductorcise(R) from the American Senior Fitness Association. One of the largest organizations of its kind in the United States, they certify instructors in all kinds of aerobic and yoga programs. They also provide on their website ? ? a place where instructors can learn about new programs and a site where there is constant dialogue on fitness. The following review caught the eye of Matt Saravay. The American Senior Fitness Association said, "Why not add a little joy, charm, culture andsophistication to fitness....and to life in general? Here is one physical exercise program that is innovative, unique and truly special!" "Bravo" Conductorcise(R) is a combination of aesthetics and athletics. The music is as important as the workout itself. There is nothing like it on the market. There is such a joy of holding a baton in your hand and going through the motions of conducting a Symphony Orchestra. David works up a sweat in minutes. Each individual in the class can go at his own pace. Maestro Dworkin encourages the participants to "do your own thing". This program has been born out of 45 years of conducting, and, as a professional clarinetist who has played with many great conductors from Von Karajan and Stokowki to Zubin Mehta, James Levine and many others. His observations of these great artists have proven time and time again that the by-product of the conducting experience is a physical workout. For more information contact David Dworkin at 987-1564 or e mail at