Coming soon to Monroe: The Vault, 'an upscale body art studio'

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:51

MONROE - The Tobacco Emporium at the Depot in Monroe is not the only new business coming to Monroe. Within the next two weeks, The Vault, described by Village of Monroe Mayor Jim Purcell as “an upscale body art studio and boutique,” will open on Lake Street, down the road from Planet Pizza in the building previously occupied by M&T Bank. “It’s not just a tattoo parlor like some people are describing it,” said Purcell. “They’ll be a selection of clothing and other items for sale.” For weeks, construction work has been taking place within the building and its exterior along Lake Street. The Vault is the new business operation of New Rochelle resident Chuck Zito, who Purcell said is a personal body guard to many well-known Hollywood stars. Zito found the location while taking a motorcycle ride on day and “fell in love with the area, especially the ponds,” Purcell said. Purcell said Zito is planning a gala opening featuring “notable Hollywood celebrities,” which he hopes will draw people to come and learn more about his business. Purcell declined to name them on the record, saying plans were being finalized. “But, they tell me they are coming,” he added. Additional information is expected within the next week. - Nancy Kriz