Business Notebook

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    WARWICK-Joanne Graney doesn't care how you do it but if you can prove you're a mother on this special weekend, there's a gift waiting for you in her shop, Greetings and Salutations, 9 Main St. "Carry a baby," she suggested. Chances are Graney won't be overly judgmental. But if you forgot that this Sunday, May 8, is Mother's Day, you could be in big trouble. Fortunately, everything that mom would appreciate, can be purchased right here in Warwick. Just stroll a few blocks along Main Street, West Street and Railroad Avenue. You'll find greeting cards, candy, clothing, wine, jewelry, gifts, books, kitchen and home accessories. The list goes on and on. And if you can't think of anything, gift certificates are available at participating merchants. Or visit one of Warwick's many antique shops for something extra special and unique. The downtown business district supports community events and charitable organizations throughout the year. Special holidays are a good opportunity for the community to return the favor. And to paraphrase a popular commercial, what we spend in Warwick, stays in Warwick. Providing a road map for life Anyone driving along North Main Street in the Village of Florida has probably noticed the impressive stone building which is home to Myles Financial Services. As described in the firm's literature, Myles Financial Services is a leader in providing a full range of products and services including financial planning, securities investing, insurance, pension plans, mortgages and employee benefit plans. The firm, now celebrating the fifth year at its present location, was founded in 1976 by M.Vincent Mezzetti, a native of Dublin. Mezzetti came to the United States with degrees in architecture and then continued his education in finance at New York University. Today he specializes in estate and retirement planning. The company also employs a full staff of experts for every aspect of its operation. "Everyone at Myles Financial lives in this community," said John Karas. "And they have the education, expertise and experience to address problems that may be specific to this area." Local residents and Polka fans may recognize Karas as the lead vocalist and tenor saxophonist with the multi Grammy Award-winning Jimmy Sturr Band. Karas, however, is also an expert in employee benefits and his "day job" involves designing employee benefit packages for both small and large firms. "The demographics in this area have changed dramatically," he explained. "We know the challenges that employers face. It doesn't matter if a company has two employees or 2000. It's difficult to keep up with all the new legislation and other changes and to attract good employees while, at the same time, controlling costs." According to Peter Rosenstreich, a specialist in currency and commodity trading, an advantage of Myles Financial Services is its diversification. Clients have only to make one stop. "We do everything," he said. "We can develop a package that will address one or all of an individual's financial concerns. It can serve as a plan or financial road map for your entire life." For additional information about Myles Financial Services, call 651-3070 or visit its Web site at: Jen's Basement In a flier and with a whimsical misspelling, Jen Ruffo describes the inventory in her shop as "Unique Jenerational Merchandise." Jen's Basement, as her business is named, is at 724 Seward Highway (Route 94/17A) between Warwick and Florida. Both inside and outside the shop, visitors will find a large assortment of antiques, jewelry, china, books, furniture, baby items and collectibles. There is also a collection of Christian items including cards, books and tapes. Ruffo, who lives in Florida with her husband Anthony and their three children, ages eight months to seven years, has some interesting ideas about merchandising. The second hand baby items and toys, for example, can be purchased by the bag full for $5. Ruffo also buys or consigns items from a single piece to an entire estate. And if you have something that should be sold on eBay but you haven't the time or the expertise, Ruffo will handle the transaction and get you the best price for an agreed percentage. Call 651-8808.