Black bear photo contest

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:54

MILFORDnAmateur and serious photographers alike are eligible to enter any and all images of Pike County black bears in the 2005 Black Bear Film Festival "Catch-a-Bear" photo contest. The winning image will be announced at this year's Festival, October 14, and awarded prizes. Deadline for entry is October 10, 2005. All entries must be photographed or taped in Pike County, PA. Previous winners have included bears in a tree, sitting at a picnic table, and a mother bear with two cubs. If you see a bear in the wild or in your backyard, get it on film or video and send it off to the "Catch-A-Bear" contest. Photos must be 8"x10", in color or black and white. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes. Please note that pictures of bears at bird feeders are not likely to win, since it is illegal in Pennsylvania to feed bears, even unintentionally with bird feeders. Remember: bears are dangerous wild animals. But if serendipity befalls you when you have a camera at hand, act quickly and you may be the winner! Entry form can be downloaded from the festival website at, or pick up a form at the festival office at the Upper Mill, Milford, PA (570-409-0909). If your picture or video is chosen by the selection committee, it will be displayed during the Black Bear Film Festival, October 14-16 in Milford, and on its website, and winning entries may be used to advertise future festivals and made into merchandise.