'Anniversary Cookbook' now available at the Gift Shop in Baird's Tavern

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:39

Warwick — The Gift Shop at Baird’s Tavern is featuring the “Anniversary Cookbook” this week. The book has more than 200 recipes from members, family and friends with 'little tidbits’ on how to and why’s about food. It was put together by Dolores Simon, a famous cookbook editor who even wrote the “how to write a cookbook.” Judy Harney was the business manager and Nina Kannon spent hours putting it together. Last year was the 200th anniversary of three of the Warwick Historical Society’s buildings, thus the cookbook’s name Of course these recipes don’t go out of fashion, so do come in and buy several for your family and friends. The cookbook sells for $20. If you buy two or more, a 10 percent discount will be given. While you are in the gift shop, browse, as there are treasures all around - from antique crystal, collectible ornaments and other Historical Society books. The shop is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. - and other days if you see the sign out. Call 845-986-4762 for more information.