EMS Strong - Beyond the Call Warwick EMS celebrates National EMS Week

19 May 2019 | 03:03

Warwick Community Ambulance Service, an all-volunteer Emergency Medical Service, will be celebrating National EMS Week from May 19 through May 25. This year’s theme, "EMS Strong – Beyond the Call," is a chance for the community to celebrate the important contributions of our EMS practitioners. These men and women provide services to a large portion of the Town of Warwick, the Village of Warwick and the Village of Florida 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any compensation and sometimes with little thanks. The EMS Strong campaign seeks to celebrate, unify and inspire the men and women of our nation’s emergency medical services.
Message to the dedicated providers:
EMS Strong is what draws a special few together to do incredibly important work, often under difficult circumstances.
EMS Strong is the bond you share with fellow first responders.
EMS Strong is the willingness to keep learning and growing as an individual and as part of a profession that is a true partner in the health care profession.
EMS Strong is what draws you to help, what empowers you to face danger when others are running away.
EMS Strong is precious.
EMS Strong is us.
EMS is you.
Frank Cassanite
Chief Operations Officer