Why Warwick’s Republican candidates should have your support this November

| 11 Oct 2021 | 01:54

    People are flocking to our beautiful town and home prices are reflecting it. We have a little slice of country perfection located in commuting distance from the city. Everyone wants to be here.

    There is something special about Warwick that makes people stay and raise families here.

    The good life that we have here was not created by accident. It is the result of the policies and decisions made by our incumbent town board and office holders.

    Do you enjoy being the lowest taxed town, that has it’s own police department, in Orange County?

    Do you enjoy the properties that have been preserved and protected from mass development?

    Do you enjoy a safe neighborhood and town due to the hard work of our police department?

    Do you enjoy our blue-ribbon award-winning schools?

    Don’t mess with a great recipe. They are always people who crawl out of the woodwork and claim to have better ideas and try to find problems or shortcomings. Don’t fall for the rhetoric.

    We have the great town that we have because of the people who have been in place. They know what they are doing and I’m certainly not going to roll the dice on some unqualified new comers. I hope you don’t either.

    This November 2nd, please support Deangelo, Shuback (new to this position but not public service), Barlet, Astorino and Faulls.

    Tiffany Howell