What will our representatives do to support us through the pandemic?

17 Mar 2020 | 09:43

    Dear Senators Gillibrand, Schumer, Congressman Maloney, Senator Metzger and Assemblyman Brabenec:

    What economic support are you proposing or backing as we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic?

    To be clear, I am not taking about a $50 million airline industry bailout, any other corporate bailout or legislation intended to prop corporate interests.

    I would like to know what kinds of direct support working families/individuals and small business can count on to see this through.

    Payroll tax relief and frankly $1,000 per person while very helpful will only go so far.

    What kinds of social safety net measures do you support so that ordinary citizens without corporate ties or lobby interests are not left out on the street by disaster capitalists or their political enablers.

    Before the inevitable question of "how do we pay for this?" is asked, let me ask a few questions:

    How do we pay for endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    How do we pay for military operations in Yemen and Syria?

    How to do we pay for a $700 billion bank bailout and to what end would any other multi-billion dollar corporate industry bailout serve?

    People were struggling to make ends meet before this crisis and this realignment of our day-to-day lives will only make these inequities more acute if measurable action is not taken to help the working people and small business you represent.

    Justin Ray