Warwick Skatepark Initiative sponsorship mailing

| 31 Aug 2021 | 11:30

Warwick Skatepark Initiative has been busy fund raising, doing what it can safely, during this ongoing pandemic.

WSI sent letters encouraging local businesses to support the building of the updated skate park in its new location in Veterans Memorial Park.

Sponsorship rewards include business name plaque on a park element and kiosk, press/media acknowledgments, and more.

More than 500 letters went out over the last few weeks, with hopes that responses will get WSI that much closer to breaking ground for the premier skate park.

This year is the first year for skateboarding in the Olympics, and this new initiative could mean someday Warwick could find one of its own winning an Olympic medal.

WSI has many ways to donate on the website, from purchasing sponsorships, pavers, merchandise or direct donations; WSI needs your help to reach the goal. Visit warwickskatepark.com.

Warwick Skatepark Initiative thanks all those who have been supporting this project.

Donna Kaminski

Board secretary

Warwick Skatepark Initiative