'There should be no place for ... hate mongering in our local newspaper'

| 18 Oct 2016 | 11:20

    It was irresponsible and insulting to Warwick residents for The Advertiser to publish the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) “report” attributing an increase in school bullying to Donald Trump.
    The SPLC is a George Soros-funded, political attack-machine for the far-left that has attacked and denigrated anyone that opposes their liberal views.
    This includes Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians, gun rights advocates, the Tea Party and supporters of Israel.
    SPLC “reporting” is without fact or merit. It is based almost wholly on discredited research and junk-science.
    Even the Obama Administration and liberal-leaning mainstream media have stopped citing and legitimizing the SPLC’s outputs.
    There should be no place for the SPLC’s hate mongering in our local newspaper.
    John Farina