The Town of Warwick Republican Team ‘deserves our continued support’

| 03 Oct 2021 | 01:23

    It is with great pleasure that I am endorsing the Town of Warwick Republican Team for re-election.

    Over the last few years they have proven themselves to work for the entire Town of Warwick.

    Joining the team this year is a new candidate Kevin Shuback. Kevin has worked his way up to be ready and willing to serve the entire residents of the Town of Warwick. He comes with a lot of experience being a Florida Fire Commissioner and a small business owner (farmer). Kevin knows how to run a business, how to volunteer in his community and about making and keeping a budget to benefit all.

    I have know Kevin most of his life and if I had to vote for only one candidate it would be Kevin. However, I can and hope you all will also vote for the entire Republican Team. They have served us well and deserve our continued support as they go forward with the needs of our town.


    Dorothy Ehlers